Harry Potter will be 3D

Welcome to today’s edition of Hogwarts Digest. No not really, but we will be discussing news of events surrounding Harry Potter. I may be in the minority on this site but I thoroughly enjoy the adventured of the young fellow and today’s news of a 3rd dimension has me experiencing all new levels of excitement regarding the potential for 3rd dimension magics.

Source: AICN

Producer David Heyman confirmed the impending 3D conversion telling Collider, “The reason we didn’t do it on the first part was because we didn’t feel that we could do it justice. And actually the 3D would actually compromise the film, so we didn’t have the time.” Now they’re “really excited about the quality” of the 3D conversion and they justify it this way: “We feel it adds something to the film and is really immersive, as opposed to taking out, which I think a lot of 3D can do.” They say, “David Yates is approaching 3D from a character point of view.”

I like this but I’m sorry that it took the last chapter of the franchise before the technology caught up. I think the Harry Potter franchise is one of the few that could have benefitted a lot from 3D so I’m excited about the idea of the last film getting the treatment. If I happen to bother to see this in theaters then It’ll be a treat.

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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter will be 3D

  1. I have a confession to make: I never watched ANY of these films with undivided attention (meaning never more than 5 minutes with any HP film),
    My wife has started to watch all in a row since we came back from Univeral Orlando and took in all the HP madness. I still was reluctant to sit through them for whatever reason (probally since I followed LOTR more cause they kinda came out at the same time) BUT I gotta say this, I watched Order of the Phoenix the other night after the urgance of my spouse and child and I declare this now……THAT SHIT ROCKED! the battle of magic at the end of the film gave me goosebumps and an desire to see more. I dont know if this was the better or worse of the series but I’m f’n hooked now.
    great cast, great acting, great effects.

    what else can I say.
    AND the ride is undescribeably awesome as well!

    1. Order of the Phoenix is the second best HP movie out currently second only to Deathly Hallows Pt1

      The other movies (with the exception of 6) are good but not as action-y as 5 was. They all have their action-y moments which are good but not to the same extent of 5.

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