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Spider-man 3 Plot

Take this one with a grain of salt folks. A film site I like to visit once in a while (Movie Tab) has put up what they claim is the “Official Plot Summary” for Spider-Man 3. How do they have their hands on this an no one else? Your guess … [Read More]

Leaked SPider-Man 3 Footage!!!

Folks, any doubt I had about Spider-Man 3 possibly being the greatest comic movie of all time has been totally erased! About 3 minutes of leaked footage (but I have a feeling Sony Pictures leaked it themselves to generate buzz for the movie) has got itself online and IT LOOKS … [Read More]

Spider-Man Back In Black

No, that’s not a black and white picture you’re looking at. It’s Spider-Man in a black costume, and man I think it looks sweet. Also, don’t think that this is some fan made picture. This is right from the official Spider-Man 3 website my friends. That Spider-Man is in a … [Read More]

Major Spider-Man 3 Spoiler

Ok, we all know that rumours about films (especially that have hardly begun production) are iffy at best. And there have been no shortage of Spider-Man 3 rumours already floating around for us all to gorge ourselves on. Well folks… here comes another one… and it’s doozy. Now, I know … [Read More]

Richard reviews Fantastic Four

Title=Fantastic Four
Summary=Good light, entertainment. This is a popcorn movie and not something meaty or thoughtful. Well paced, good fun and funny. Chiklis, Evans and McMahon are great to watch. Although it’s not a Batman or Spiderman, it’s not as bad as it’s made out.