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Richard reviews Batman Begins

Title=Batman Begins
Summary=A fantastically written story and wonderfully brought to the big screen. Despite the very poorly filmed action sequences the movie shows an excellent return for the Batman and turning to the true Dark Knight for its inspiration. This does for the movie series what Batman: Year One has done to the graphic novels, told the definitive story of the birth of Batman and the characters around him.

Two Batman sequels together?

Hot on the heels of the rumour that they were filming the Spiderman sequels back to back, here’s some news from BatmanOnFilm through Cinematical that they’re going to be doing the same with Batman. Personally I don’t think it’s happening, it sounds like it’s too close to the rumour from … [Read More]

Fantastic Four Reviews

Fantastic Four reviews are coming in hot an heavy… and OH MY GOODNESS is the movie getting slammed! No really folks… I haven’t seen initial negative reviews like this since the car wreck known as Electra. I think we all thought this movie was going to suck big time right … [Read More]

Audio Edition Vol. 30 with Richard Brunton

AudioDescription=In this Edition, we are lucky enough to be joined, via the wonders of technology, by Movie Blog writer Richard Brunton all the way from Scotland! Just a heads up, there are some technical issues and Richard cuts in and out a couple of times… but we’ll get all those issues worked out for his next appearance.

In this edition we talk about Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean 2, THe potential of 4 vilians in Spiderman 3, the huge mistake that is Highlander 5, War of the Worlds and much more.

Bruce Willis as Nick Fury?

I’m not so sure that this is a good idea for Bruce Willis. His career is on the uptake again and he really has returned to form with noticeably increased acting ability, and although that’s my opinion, it’s darned right too! So taking the role of Nick Fury in a … [Read More]

Evil Dead IV looks doubtful

Any chance that the next installment of the Evil Dead series was going to be coming out of the original creators heads looks to have been put to bed over at Screen Rant. Over at IESB there’s a video interview with Bruce Campbell in which he stated that Sam Raimi … [Read More]

Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 has landed a new cast member in Topher Grace. The “The 70’s Show” star is apparently going to play a second (still to be announced) bad guy (Thomas Haden Church is already lined up to play Sandman). My reactions to this news is mixed. Topher Grace is easily … [Read More]

Spider-Man 3 Villain is Sandman

I’m very disappointed. I’ve been holding out hope that Venom was going to be the villain in the next Spider-Man film. Oh well, if I always got what I wanted… wait a minute… nope… can’t think of a single drawback to getting everything I want. Anyway. The good folks over … [Read More]

Avi Arad talks of coming Marvel projects

Thanks to CHUD for the direction to the Marvel update on their site, there’s very small snippets of information to be had from an over zealous and very sales sounding Avi Arad on Marvel Films work. Blade:…mentioned an “action television Blade show.”… Fantastic Four:…is an action, comedy, adventure movie with … [Read More]

2005 MovieBlog Oscar Results

Since the nominations have started I’ve been tracking what the suggestions have been for winners on the nominee post. Although the number of responses wasn’t impressive, perhaps a reflection on Oscar apathy, we have the results. Before we go into them, let me say that rather than take what you … [Read More]