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Jessica Alba is Hot

And in other news, Water is Wet! Jessica Alba is some serious eyecandy. And much to the plight of the beautiful, they are cursed to be lifted on the shoulders of the ugly and hailed as demigods. But their own inner turmoil is always the same. They want to be … [Read More]

2007 Oscar Results

Here are the 2007 Oscar Results from the good folks over at CNN: Best motion picture of the year Babel The Departed Letters from Iwo Jima Little Miss Sunshine The Queen Performance by an actor in a leading role Leonardo DiCaprio, Blood Diamond Ryan Gosling, Half Nelson Peter O�Toole, Venus … [Read More]

Oscar Nominations

Well here it is folks, the nominees for the 2007 Oscar Awards. Thank god they didn’t nominate Dreamgirls for Best Picture. Too bad they still nominated Babel. But oh well, no one can be perfect. So here is your list of nominees with my personal picks how who I think … [Read More]

13 Tzameti Remake

Not too long ago I did a review of the French film 13 Tzameti (you can see the review here). A decent film that HUGE potential because of it’s main story arc, but didn’t quite live up to that potential. Still, the movie got some buzz and even won a … [Read More]