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Shark Tale

Dreamworks Pictures is set to release SharkTale and the trailer is now available from the official website. I found the button on the main page wasn’t working, so you have to enter the site and navigate to VIDEO. There are some predictable character types (vegitarian shark) that will make you … [Read More]

Webmasters Know Everything Part 2.

Okay, this is a carry-over from this post I made a couple days ago. Reuters has a nice article about Disney’s pani….er… “concern” over the success of “King Arthur” – bottom line: They need a hit. Bad. They’ve already re-edited the movie’s final scenes so it will be a “happier”, … [Read More]

Release Date for Steamboy!

The Anime News Network is reporting that Katsuhiro Otomo’s Steamboy will be released to North American theaters in October to qualify for this year’s Oscar awards. Otomo is best known as the director of the cult classic Akira and this film has been hugely anticipated for years. Steamboy is being … [Read More]