Movie Reviews

John Reviews Next

You just have to accept you’re usually either going to be hit or miss whenever Nicholas Cage is in a film. I like the guy as an actor in general, but wow can he pick some awful stuff to be in. So what about “Next“. Well, you add a hottie … [Read More]

John Reviews Vacancy

Small horror/thriller films are all the rage with the studios these days… mostly because you’re almost guaranteed to make a little money with them and the fact that generally speaking they’re pretty inexpensive to make. Add a little star power in there and you’re well on your way. So here … [Read More]

John Reviews Fracture

It doesn’t matter what it is, or how it eventually turns out… when an Anthony Hopkins movie comes out, you pay attention. And thus here we have his new film that opened this weekend without an awful lot of fanfare… “Fracture” Adding to the potential hype is the addition of … [Read More]

Doug Reviews The Tripper

The Tripper is a slash-tastic tongue in cheek horror delight! The Tripper is a movie about a serial killer who is obsessed with Ronald Reagan and takes on his persona. The hunt of choice for Ronnie is a woodland full of hippies that is freshly stocked every year thanks to … [Read More]

John Reviews Hot Fuzz

Flat out, Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite films of the past couple of years. It was creative, funny, scrary… and single handedly created a new genre of film making: The Rom-Com-Zom (also known as the Romantic Comedy with Zombies). So imagine the great excitement when we … [Read More]

Year Of The Dog Review

Year of the Dog is a film about Peggy (Molly Shannon) that is a shut in dog lady. In a short time the stage is set beautifully for us to understand how fucking bananas she is about dogs; and we then follow her life after the cataclysmic event of her … [Read More]