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Zombieland 2 Cast Issues

It seems Zombieland 2 could be in a little bit of trouble, due to the stars either having better offers or just not being interested. Woody Harrelson has been kind of negative when refering to the sequel: Total Film Via Get The Big Picture “I’m sure it will happen, if … [Read More]

Zombieland Scribes to write Deadpool

Looks like Deadpool has its writers afterall. What was reported as rumour a month ago is being confirmed as ink on paper. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick – the writers of the very witty Zombieland – will be writing Deadpool! /Film confirms: Last month is was rumored that Zombieland screenwriters … [Read More]

Zombieland Trailer

The other day we posted up some pics from the new Woody Harrelson Zombie comedy “Zombieland“. I’m not huge on Zombie films because they’re all basically exactly the same. I mean… EXACTLY the same. But there are some exceptions and this one looks like it could be one of those. … [Read More]

First Pics From Zombieland

There are some new pics online form the new post apocalyptic Zombie comedy “Zombieland“. I’m a little tired of Zombie movies in general, simply because they’re all pretty much exactly the same over and over and over and over again. Seen one you’ve seen them all. Well… there are a … [Read More]

Harrelson Joins Zombieland

Woody Harrelson will be in a movie called Zombieland! That title alone makes me want to see it. Is it a theme park based on zombies? Nope. The world is taken over by zombies and Harrelson will play a Zombie fighter. Written by the team of Rhett Reese and … [Read More]