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Rachel McAdams On Red Eye

Besides the fact that she’s HOT beyond description, Rachel McAdams has already demonstrated a lot of talent. Her new thriller Red Eye looks like it’s going to be a winner, her role in The Notebook was fantastic and won her a lot of attention, she was terrific in Mean Girls … [Read More]

Audio Edition – February 3rd 2006

AudioDescription=Today on the Audio Edition Doug and I discuss the Razzie nominations and who we would choose to “win” each category, the best news of the week being THE DARK CRYSTAL 2, Rachel McAdams being up for the role of the next Bond girl instead of Thandie Newton, former Bond director Lee Tamahori dressing up in a wig and a dress and being arrested for prostitution (yes you read that right), Angelina Jolie in Sin City 2 and a few things more.