Cinematic Solitaire: Our Favorite Card Game in Movies

Cinematic Solitaire: Our Favorite Card Game in Movies

Movie fanatics know that card games are often present in the movie plot. Whether it is a romantic love story or a thrilling action movie, we have seen Las Vegas solitaire pop in many movies. In some, it was the perfect base for shaping the plot. In others, we saw how the card game developed a character. This article is for all the movie fanatics who also happen to be card game enthusiasts, so make sure to go through it to discover how solitaire is depicted in movies. You might steal a few tricks to improve your playing strategy.


JawsThe famous shark horror film is known to many. Despite kicking up the adrenaline, it is a great movie that showcases solitaire. Released in 1975, it was a genuine blockbuster that marked milestones in cinematographic history. The first and most popular entry had an interesting backstory. Matt Hooper, the main character played by Richard Dreyfuss, was a shark expert in the movie. Somewhere between the dramatic moments, he was playing solitaire on the deck. The shark expert loved card games, trying to relax and unwind between the tense moments when the team was looking for the dangerous shark.

The Manchurian Candidate

ManchurianThe Manchurian Candidate is one of the Hollywood classics by John Frankenheimer. Raymond, played by Laurence Harvey, is a veteran of the Korean War. he was held captive after a chain of events, resulting in him being brainwashed to become a spy. The movie reveals how he was programmed using a trigger phrase: “Why don’t you pass the time by playing a little Solitaire?”. He was also shown the queen of diamonds. However, it is essential to note that solitaire was only present in the movie from 1962. Later, they made newer movie versions, excluding the famous card game. It was replaced with boring ranks and names.

Ocean’s 13

Oceans ThirteenThe famous heist film by Steven Soderbergh included many big names in the movie industry. With four films in the series, we saw the best of Brad Pitt, Gorge Clooney, Al Pacino, and Matt Damon. Everything starts when Danny Ocean, played by Clooney, gathers his team to take revenge for losing their teammate. Pacino plays the ruthless casino owner, the villain in this particular movie. He expects a reputable hotel reviewer to review his facility for a prestigious award, terrorizing him in various ways. This was done so he could resign from this role and the Bank could put his people as reviewers. In one scene, the reviewer complains about his room, and the employee isn’t paying attention. Instead, he plays Solitaire on the computer. 

The LEGO Movie 

The Lego MovieThe LEGO man named Emmet is the hero in this story, voiced by Chris Pratt. He is on a mission to save the world from Lord Business, voiced by Will Ferrel. The fun comedy has many gags and jokes, like one moment where solitaire was displayed. Emmet is interrogated by the policeman when we can see two robots in the other room. They should monitor the interrogation, but one plays solitaire on the computer. 

Magic in the Moonlight 

Magic In The Moonlight
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Stars: Colin Firth, Antonia Clarke, Natasha Andrews

Colin Firth plays an Englishman who is in love, a typical role for him. Sophie is played by Emma Stone, a lovely woman who amazes him with her abilities. His misconceptions of life and love and his cynical personality make things difficult. However, we can see him visiting his aunt somewhere near the movie’s ending at the dining table, playing a good game of solitaire. Stanley keeps nagging, but his aunt advises him to act with the heart while not taking the attention away from her cards.

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