Boondock Brothers Return for a Universe Expansion

The Boondock Saints 3

Remember those legendary Irish vigilantes, the MacManus brothers, wreaking havoc on Boston’s bad guys? Get ready, because Deadline just dropped the bomb: The Boondock Saints are coming back! That’s right, the cult classic film is getting a major reboot, courtesy of Thunder Road, the powerhouse production company behind the John Wick movies, no less! They’re joining forces with Dragonfly Films, who own the rights to the franchise, to create a whole new “Boondock Saints universe.”

Here’s the thing: This ain’t just a straight-up sequel. Original creator Troy Duffy, who directed both the 1999 film and the 2009 follow-up “All Saints Day,” is stepping aside from the director’s chair. But fear not, fans of the original cast! Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon from “The Walking Dead“) and Sean Patrick Flanery are suiting back up as the iconic MacManus brothers. The hunt’s on for a new director to take the helm, but hey, with Reedus and Flanery back in action, you know it’s gonna be epic.

While a new director takes the reins for the film, Duffy isn’t out of the picture entirely. He’s planning to write a series of Boondock Saints books, keeping the story going strong in a different format.

This Boondock Saints revival is part of a bigger trend. Remember “Road House“? Yeah, that classic action flick is getting a reboot too, with Jake Gyllenhaal starring. Looks like there’s a fresh wave of love for these old-school action heroes! The new Boondock Saints project is being produced by a dream team, including Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee from Thunder Road, and Todd Myers and Peter D. Graves from Dragonfly Films. Plus, Shaun Redick and Yvette Yates Redick from Impossible Dream Entertainment are joining the party. And it wouldn’t be complete without the original creators, so Troy Duffy and Don Carmody are also on board as producers.

Executive producers include Reedus, Flanery, Charlie Morrison, and JoAnne Colonna. Rounding out the team is Nat McCormick of The Exchange. Thunder Road has a proven track record with the John Wick franchise and its spin-off series “The Continental.” They just premiered Dev Patel’s action flick “Monkey Man” to rave reviews, and next up is “The Ballerina,” a John Wick spin-off starring Ana de Armas and Keanu Reeves. Talk about an action-packed crew!

There was a previous attempt to make a Boondock Saints sequel a few years back, but this time around, they’re going all in with a universe expansion. The original film had a rich backstory, and this new project promises to delve even deeper into that world.

Here’s the best part: the people behind this reboot are super passionate about it. Basil Iwanyk, from Thunder Road, says they’re excited to build on the existing mythology and introduce the awesomeness of the Saints to a whole new generation. Todd Myers, from Dragonfly Films, has been dreaming of adding to the Boondock Saints story for over a decade, and now it’s finally happening!

Both Reedus and Flanery are pumped to reprise their roles. Reedus is looking forward to sharing this new chapter with the fans, and Flanery says with this dream team at the helm, it’s gonna be the best Saints movie yet. So, dust off your peacoats, Saints fans, because the MacManus brothers are about to reload and get back to cleaning up the streets, their own special way.

Source: Deadline

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