Stephen Curry: Underrated Review: A Masterful Basketball Journey Unveiled

Stephen Curry: Underrated is a captivating and in-depth documentary that takes audiences on an exhilarating journey through the illustrious career of basketball icon Stephen Curry. This 1000-word review delves into the film’s narrative, visual storytelling, character portrayal, and overall impact, highlighting why it stands as an exceptional tribute to one of the greatest players in NBA history.

The Good:

Nicks masterfully weaves together a compelling narrative that follows Curry’s ascent to greatness, beginning with his remarkable run in the 2008 NCAA Tournament with Davidson College. The film seamlessly transitions through key moments in Curry’s life, from his early struggles to the numerous milestones he achieved with the Golden State Warriors.

The pacing of the documentary is spot-on, giving ample time to each significant phase of Curry’s journey without ever feeling rushed or dragging. The director’s decision to use chronological storytelling allows the audience to witness Curry’s growth, both as a player and as a person, resulting in a powerful emotional connection throughout the film.

Visually, the documentary is a delight to watch. Nicks employs a mix of archival footage, behind-the-scenes clips, and insightful interviews with Curry’s family, friends, coaches, and teammates. The visuals are accompanied by a mesmerizing soundtrack that enhances the emotional impact of each moment.

The use of slow-motion shots and close-ups during pivotal game sequences draws viewers into the intensity of Curry’s performances, making them feel like they are on the court with him. The documentary’s visual elements effortlessly complement the narrative, contributing to its overall allure.

Stephen Curry: Underrated is not just about Curry’s basketball prowess; it also delves deep into the man behind the jersey. Through intimate interviews and candid moments, we get a glimpse of Curry’s unwavering work ethic, humility, and unshakable determination to succeed.

The film showcases the crucial influence of Curry’s family, especially his father, Dell Curry, a former NBA player, and his mother, Sonya Curry. Their unwavering support and guidance are portrayed poignantly, underscoring the values that shaped Curry into the remarkable individual he is today.

Furthermore, the documentary highlights the camaraderie and mutual respect among Curry’s teammates, emphasizing the impact of team dynamics on his success. The portrayal of key figures, such as his coach Steve Kerr and fellow “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson, adds depth to the storytelling, providing a comprehensive picture of Curry’s journey.

Underrated explores the notion that Stephen Curry, despite his unparalleled achievements, has often been underestimated and overlooked throughout his career. The film powerfully showcases how he overcame obstacles and doubters, rising above criticism to redefine the game of basketball and inspire a generation of aspiring athletes.

Nicks thoughtfully captures the global impact of Curry’s style of play, famously dubbed “Curry Range.” The documentary reveals how his shooting ability revolutionized the game and shaped a new generation of players who emulate his skill and artistry on the court.

The film also pays homage to Curry’s philanthropic endeavors, such as his work with the United Nations Foundation’s “Nothing But Nets” campaign to combat malaria in Africa, demonstrating how he uses his platform to create positive change beyond basketball.

The Bad:

While Stephen Curry: Underrated excels in nearly every aspect, some viewers might have desired a deeper exploration of the challenges Curry faced and the mental toll of being consistently underrated. While the documentary hints at these aspects, a more profound dive into the emotional journey could have added another layer of complexity to the narrative.

Additionally, the film mainly focuses on Curry’s professional career, leaving some fans yearning for more insight into his personal life and the impact of his fame on his relationships and personal growth.


Stephen Curry: Underrated is a must-see for basketball enthusiasts, sports fans, and anyone who admires tales of triumph and resilience. Director Peter Nicks crafts a compelling and in-depth journey that showcases the meteoric rise of Stephen Curry while highlighting his impact on and off the court. The film’s exceptional narrative, visually captivating storytelling, and insightful character portrayal make it a standout tribute to a true basketball legend. As the credits roll, viewers will be left with a renewed appreciation for Curry’s legacy and the profound mark he has left on the sport of basketball and the world beyond.

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