The Coast Starlight Is The Lincoln Center’s Latest Hit!

The Coast Starlight” is a smartly written play that explores the complexities of human relationships and the consequences of our actions. The play boasts a small cast of six members, who all deliver powerful performances that keep the audience engaged throughout.

At first, I found Will Harrison’s performance as the army deserter TJ to be stiff and underwhelming. However, as the play progressed, I realized that his character’s stiffness was intentional, reflecting his concern over his situation and circumstance. Mia Barron’s character, Liz, on the other hand, made a thunderous entrance and immediately injected more life into the play. With her electrifying entrance and some of the best lines in the play, she was easily the scene stealer and a mesmerizingly interesting character. Her flirtatious banter with Rhys Coira’s Noah was not only entertaining but also a little arousing, as she flaunted her “it” factor.

Camila Canó-Flaviá’s performance as tJane was also impressive. She was super entertaining and carried her role extremely well. I noticed that she did small physical things in her performance, such as where she would lay her hands or touch Will during the kiss, that just kicked it up a notch. These little details added depth to her character and made her performance even more captivating.

What I found interesting about the play is that all the characters are experiencing some sort of situational crisis in their lives. Despite their own problems, they are all willing to help someone else with their situation, highlighting the human tendency to offer help when going through a crisis. This aspect of the play raises questions about empathy and human connection, which the play delves into through its exploration of the characters’ individual journeys.

“The Coast Starlight” is a 90-minute show that manages to keep the audience engaged throughout. Although it warns the audience to pay close attention, the entertaining stories and powerful performances can make it easy to get caught up in the show and forget about the need for close attention. The play is a great walk into the metaphorical as well as the unleashed imagination of desire. It shows us the impact of fear on our everyday decisions and how small actions can have a big impact on our lives.

The use of the rotating platform and lights to simulate the motion of a locomotive was a creative touch that added to the overall tone of the show. The set design and writing were impressive, and the performances were captivating, creating an immersive experience that was both entertaining and thought-provoking.

“The Coast Starlight” is a well-written play with powerful performances and a creative set design. It raises thought-provoking questions about human relationships, empathy, and the consequences of our actions. This is a 90-minute show that is definitely worth watching.

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