6 Popular Games for a Movie Night

For many people, the last few years have changed some routines and habits, which isn’t necessarily bad. Staying in to enjoy a movie night has once again gained the same popularity as when Blockbuster Videos were in every neighborhood. If you’re like a good chunk of Americans, you likely watch several weekly movies with friends and family members. If you want to take your movie night up a notch, incorporating more than appetizers and pizza can make your next screening to a new level. One of the best things to connect everyone at a movie night party is playing games together before settling down to watch the movie. Keep reading for the most popular games to play during a movie night and how to incorporate them into your party. 

Movie Charades 

You’re likely familiar with the game “Charades” from playing as a child and seeing it being played in many of your favorite movies. Why not use movies to inspire your Charade game during movie night? You can take things a step further and make all the answers about the movie you’re watching, the cities in the film, the main characters,  or the actors portraying them. 

Question of the Day 

Question of the Day is one of the world’s most popular trivia games and a great icebreaker option if all your guests don’t know each other well. Question of the Day is available on Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other smart home devices. If you don’t have a smart home device, it’s also available as an app for your smartphone, and the best part is it’s free!

Famous Movie Lines 

This game can get everyone in on the action by asking them to write down quotes from their favorite famous movies and put them in a bowl for players to choose. When you select a piece of paper, you simply recite the famous lines and see who can name the correct film. If you want to set a competitive tone, choose teams for everyone at your movie night and compete head-to-head, losers pay for the pizza!

Costume Night 

Knowing how to plan the perfect movie night can feel stressful as you want to ensure your guests have a blast and leave them waiting for your next event. While a costume night isn’t a game exactly, letting your guests know that you’d appreciate them dressing in characters from the movie you’re watching is a great way to set the tone for a successful night. Turn costume night into a game of sorts by making it a competition. Best dressed, win gift certificates to your local movie theater or a basket full of concessions.

Scavenger Hunt 

Most movies have clear themes, and props easily become scavenger hunt items. Get the party started by hiding props related to the movie night and divide the party into teams. Let people search the home and yard for all the items on the scavenger list, and the first team to complete the list wins. While this game takes some money upfront to source the items for the list, it’s a fun way to get people in the mood, especially if your movie fits a theme like Indiana Jones or Clue.

Drinking Games 

While this is for adults only, and you want to ensure you take everyone’s keys after arriving, movies lend themselves to excellent drinking games. It’s simple, whenever characters do something on the list, people have to take a drink. Say you’re watching Twilight, and drink every time Bella and Edward stare at each other awkwardly. Each time someone uses their powers, drink. Whenever a vampire and werewolf have a stare-down, drink. You may want to pick harder rules so people can stay awake through the movie, but you get the idea. And remember, always drink responsibly. 

Movie nights are a great way to relax and connect with friends, but that doesn’t mean the entire party has to be spent on the couch. By incorporating the above games into your next movie night, you and your guests will have a great time. Don’t forget to have plenty of snacks and comfortable blankets, and choose movies that all types of people can enjoy. Happy viewing!

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