Joker 2 First Photo Released

Joker 2

We are getting our first look at the upcoming Joker 2 movie Joker: Folie à Deux. The new film brings back director Todd Phillips, star Joaquin Phoenix, and adds Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. Not a lot is known about the new Joker film beyond the announced cast and crew but today that changes. Today we get our first actual look at the new Joker 2 film from director Todd Phillips himself.


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This just warms my heart to see good ‘ol Arthur Fleck getting freshened up for the new film. It’s interesting to see the physical transformation that an actor like Phoenix will commit to for this kind of role. I remember watching his movie You Were Never Really Here where he got to “practice” the tortured psyche with mommy issues character that carried Joker to a Best Picture nomination. The colors, bruises, and act of shaving probably all mean something symbolic that we have to wait and see when the film releases to understand.

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