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Jason David Frank

I am putting together this post to show some Jason David Frank love. 2022 is a tough year for Hollywood and celebrity tragedies. I usually keep posts like this to a minimum on the site but I want to change that. I also want to begin taking time to try to let my favorite creators know how much I love their work. Jason David Frank changed everything for my childhood when his character made his appearance in my favorite show. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers took root in the minds of millennials right from the beginning. The TV show inspired a whole generation to pretend to want to learn martial arts and imagine themselves as superhero teenagers with attitude. Things only grew with the appearance of Jason David Frank’s character Tommy Oliver:

This moment changed everything. I remember the “favorite power ranger” conversations in the lunchroom immediately changing from Zack vs Jason to Jason vs Tommy. The Green Ranger became a generational phenomenon and became a term of support.

“You know I’ll show up like Green Ranger in the 4th quarter” and terms like that became common. He was a hero that shows up when the odds are against you and you need him. I followed power rangers for years because of his continued involvement in the show. This one hurts a lot. I wish the best for his family and may he rest in peace. Here are 5 minutes of the Green Ranger being awesome for no reason:

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