EXCLUSIVE: How Marvel REALLY Feels About #RecastTChalla

Ever since the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, a lot of conversations have taken place as to the future of the Black Panther franchise. Most notably, the viral petition to #RecastTChalla has generated a lot of talk among comic book and general MCU fans. There’s always been a difficulty for some in separating the man (Boseman) from the character (T’Challa). This was understandable because for many people, despite T’Challa being around for the past 55+ years, Boseman’s portrayal was the only version of T’Challa that they knew. Then the other side of this debate was from the perspective of the cast and crew. Obviously, those who worked with Boseman on the Black Panther films were (and probably still are) in a state of grieving. The burden on the shoulders of director Ryan Coogler was no small weight to bear.

After being able to attend the Black Panther Wakanda Forever premiere, I was able to interview top Marvel Executive, Nate Moore. Moore is the primary lead at Marvel when it comes to the Black Panther franchise and character. So it was certainly a privilege to be able to speak with him regarding the film and the decision not to recast the role of T’Challa. Check out what he had to say when asked directly about the fan’s desire to have T’Challa’s role continue in the MCU.

Nate Moore: I understand the conversation. And I don’t think it’s wrong. Okay. I think it’s just we had to make the movie we knew how to make, you know?

The Movie Blog: After hearing the decision not to recast [T’Challa], and I don’t know how privy you were to it or not, but it prompted me to go ahead and start a little petition.

Nate Moore: I saw! (laughs)

The Movie Blog: Yeah, it was no big deal. (Laughs)… What was your reaction when you heard of the [#RecastTChalla] petition or the hashtag or the conversation?

Nate Moore: I get it. You know, I get it. I certainly wasn’t like, ‘That’s crazy!’  I was like ‘Oh, yeah,  I get that point of view.”… I understand why people were so inspired by the man and the character….That  doesn’t mean that people can’t be inspired by the new Black Panther. And I think that doesn’t mean that people can’t be inspired by Wakanda post T’Challa.

I think and I hope that people give the movie a chance, and watch it. Then if they still feel that way, that’s okay. That is within everybody’s right. But I hope they give the movie a chance. I sure hope they watch it and I hope they like it…That’s the only reason we’re making this movie is for fans to like it.

It’s interesting how sensible Moore’s comments were on this topic. If one were to only use the barometer of social media, one might think Marvel would have viewed the #RecastTChalla campaign as a toxic movement. It appears that isn’t the case at all. I think Moore’s best point here is that audiences should at least give Black Panther: Wakanda Forever a chance. One thing is clear, regardless of the decision made to recast the role or not, the cast and crew worked extremely hard to make this sequel given the circumstances. You can read our spoiler-free review here or watch it below.

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Director: Ryan Coogler
Writer(s): Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole
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