The Best Musical Movies of All Time

Music is highly appreciated everywhere. You can get to find music in almost every part of the entertainment industry. For example, real money online casino Australia slots will never be the same without a good soundtrack. We all love musicals, and if you have not watched the following musicals then you are missing out on a lot.

Dream Girls

This is the first time that we all got know that Jamie Fox can actually hit a few notes as well. This movies is filled with so many big voices that can take you to a musical cloud nine. In the movie, we get to see an aspiring group of friends who want to take on the musical world. But, as they always say, fame comes with a lot of sacrifices and it can literally get to change your life. And, on their road to success, the dreams get to grow up and make a lot of changes at the mercy of their manager.

Pitch Perfect

 We had never seen an accapella musical before this movie. The movie comes in three different parts and we love all three. In the first movie, the Bellas have to restore their name and brand after a performance goes wrong. After managing to do that, they have to face more hurdles in part 2 of the movie, you can watch this movies while you playing jeux de casino sur goldenrivieracasino games.  And, if you manage to go on to the third part of the movies, you will get to see the Bellas out of college trying to get the excitement and spark back in their lives. Turns out, growing is not as fun and exciting as when you are a mere college student who is getting a taste of adulthood.

A Star Is Born

We would like to call this movie the return of Lady Gaga. Lady gaga had taken a break from the music industry, she gets to come back and give a stellar performance in “A Star Is Born.” The different songs she performs in the movie get to bring out her big, strong voice.


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