Steps you can take to make your movie-watching experience more enjoyable at home

Home entertainment has evolved a great deal since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have tried new subscription services, preferring to stay at home rather than going to the movie theatre or video game arcades. Most of them signed up for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video; even older adults, who typically watched broadcast TV, made the transition to streaming platforms. Watching movies at home clearly has some advantages over going to the cinema. It’s more affordable, relaxing, not to mention that you get to choose what to watch. You enjoy all the luxury of your home, plus you have your favorite movie on the screen. So, does it really matter that the screen isn’t that big? 

If you’re passionate about movies, then you like all types, genres, etc. Perhaps it won’t lead to a career in filmmaking, but this passion of yours gives you something in common with other people, so it fosters social bonds. The strictest days of social distancing are behind you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep some of the pandemic habits alive. Watch movies without even leaving your couch. In case you didn’t know, there are ways to make the viewing experience a lot better. Keep on reading to find out what to do to make movie nights unforgettable. 

Set up a dedicated space

Most individuals settle for the classic TV setup in their living room. They completely ignore the fact that it’s possible to create an enticing cinema ambiance elsewhere. You can create the right atmosphere in just about any place in your home. If you have a spare room, that’s perfect. If not, you can use the basement. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you carve out space where you can set up your gear and equipment. You’ll have a dedicated home theatre room, so nothing else happens except for screen-watching activities. You don’t have to worry about annoying sounds or cooking smells. The room will be waiting for you at all times. 

The backlighting doesn’t have to be fancy. Ambient lighting can mess with your TV’s picture, so it’s best to be avoided. Install a LED strip and you’ll be just fine. You’ll want some kind of surround audio. The built-in TV speakers aren’t enough. These days, there are several soundbars to choose from. Most importantly, you need to turn off your phone. While this might seem a mere distraction, it can ruin the entire movie-watching experience. Tempting as it may be to decorate the room, keep things simple. It’s not necessary to display everything you’ve bought over the years. It’s more important what’s on the screen. 

Download the movie and have it ready for whenever you want to watch 

Netflix, as well as Amazon Prime Video, require a strong Internet connection. Your Internet service should run at least 5 Mbps for HD movies; this is enough only for one user at a time. The problem is that, even if you have a fast connection, you don’t have any guarantee that the Internet provider won’t experience a technical error or decide to do some maintenance work. It’s recommended to download the movie you want to watch and have it ready for later on. You can download a lot of content for offline viewing. Make sure that your app is up-to-date and figure out how much space you have on your computer. 

Get your oil ready for vaping 

Surprising as it may seem, vaping THC oil can actually improve your movie-watching experience. It helps you unwind and relax, so you won’t feel distracted by any stress or tension. Vaping THC oil isn’t intoxicating. It simply puts you into the zone, meaning that the scariest or most emotional moments of the film will have a greater impact. Delta 8 carts are pre-filled with superior distillate and can be safely disposed of. Delta 8 THC is a singular hemp cannabinoid that exists by nature and without artificial aid. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the vape may be harsh on the throat if you’re not used to concentrated cannabinoid products. 

Your brain has a sort of emergency brake. Therefore, when you desperately need some rest, you get anxious. The body has a protective mechanism to make people more considerate. When you want to postpone certain things and just have some rest, you don’t necessarily have to resort to the miraculous properties of cannabis. Yet, it can help. Pay attention to the suggested serving size. Don’t take too much Delta 8 when starting out. Monitor how you’re feeling to get a better understanding of what works best for you. Owing to their strength, Delta 8 carts tend to be priced higher. Popular flavors include Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, and Purple Punch.  

Make microwave popcorn 

Have you ever wondered why we eat popcorn at the theater? This snack managed to find its way into cinemas all across the world because it’s relatively cheap to produce, not to mention that you don’t need special skills to prepare it. In case you didn’t know, popcorn is a healthy snack when it’s made without salt, sugar, or butter. Needless to say, commercially available popcorn is filled with unhealthy ingredients. So, you should make your own. As mentioned earlier, it’s not complicated at all.  Maybe you won’t replicate that distinct flavor at home, but at least you won’t be destroying your health.  

To make popcorn, all you need to do is to heat a little bit of olive oil in a saucepan and put the popcorn kernels into the oil. Cover the pot and count for 30 seconds. The popcorn will start popping anytime soon. The great thing is that you can eat directly from the saucepan. You can add salt for a little bit of taste. You can eat pre-packaged buttered microwave popcorn every once in a while. It’s not something you should eat too often. Not only does it contain preservatives but also bad oils. Let’s not even talk about the health issues that could arise. 

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