Tips to increase Instagram followers and engagements

The year 2020, although already gone, left its trails, pitting humans against numerous challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak first reported in China’s Province of Wuhan spread like wildfire prompting lockdown across numerous Countries. The necessary lockdown redefines the social media niche; with most workers forced to work from the confine of their homes, businesses took more of an online approach to surviving. The surge of increase social media activities and virtual interaction create a healthy completion yet with endearing opportunities. Social media platforms such as, a viable and targetable visual marketing platform, where the numbers of followers and engaging content tailored for a specific audience is “golden,” have benefited immensely from the pandemic. The social media game, as we know, it is changing with a significant shift toward online presence for brands and business becoming a necessity rather than a luxury in a “strive to thrive” or “wither.” 

The famous English biologist and naturalist Charles Darwin said, “it’s not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” 

Social media celebrities, Personal businesses, continental and intercontinental brands, and international corporations all want the same thing: a good penetration rate of their market niche. A reasonable penetration rate is a game of numbers determined by the number of followers.  And how do you make it happen?  It’s no magic, I can assure you, but simply by playing by the rules, increasing follower base, converting leads, setting trends, and understanding the niche’s pulse. Buying Instagram Followers can boost your followers, but you will need to learn tips to increase them and better manage your profile. You can buy 1000 Instagram followers on various Instagram Followers app.

This article aims to shed more understanding on what to do right and avoid, pro and cons of various approaches to gaining more Instagram followers, and building on a solid foundation of engaging content targeted at specific individuals. You can buy Instagram followers. This article is styled to help you figure what is wrong and the innovations you should adopt to growing your Instagram followers. 

Tips to increase your followers and for improving Instagram Engagements

There are quick means and long-term approaches to increasing followers on Instagram. Some of these methods are effective and foolproof, while others are less effective.  Millions of Instagram users’ prowl the app daily, which accommodates the highest percentage of millennials. Instagram followers can be gained and increased organically, or you can buy Instagram followers app.

1.Jumping on trends is an effective strategy.

Streamlining your content or topics in alignment with trending topics and public events, using hashtags# easily affords more visibility. A similar example of a trendy event is the recent Donald Trump saga or Charlie Charlie summoning games, which are crucial mules you can ride on to boost your audience’s engagement and cognizance. 

Engaging and contributing in productive ways improve your target audience’s perception of you.

2.Solicit for followers frequently. 

Be loud as much as you can, and always ask your audience to follow you after delivering engaging content. It’s a shared culture on YouTube, where at the end or start of a video, you are asked to subscribe to their YouTube channels. A little nudge is required to call some audience into action if you want them to follow you. Adding a bit of ‘what to expect”, hints or spoilers of your next content will keep them in suspense and ensure they don’t want to miss it.

3.Consistency is key

Your followers followed you for a reason when they clicked that follow button, which is why consistency is as important as every other factor. When you consistently keep up with their anticipation through a reproducible theme and consistent with your posting schedule, you will gain more followers. Consistency in personality, quality aesthetic, colors and filters, and prospective content followers can easily relate to help drive your follower numbers up. There are various apps to help you plan your post schedule.

4.Feed your followers with User-generated contents

User-generated content is created from real and genuine followers experience. Such an experience may be a review or testimony of your products or services. UGC contents can either be videos, images, or audio that helps create a human connection or empathy for your brand (or profile) featuring real people and their stories. Researches have shown that a greater percentage of humans are liable to purchase or decide to purchase certain goods and services based on other people’s review, trust, and testimony.   

 5.Go live on Instagram.

Going live on Instagram is a goldmine, and an art few have perfected. The possibilities of going live on Instagram are limitless, and it’s an integral cog that drives the wheels of a successful marketing campaign. It enables you to stream live videos and interact with your followers in real-time. A unique feature on Instagram is a ring encasing your profile, which indicates you’re live and alerts your followers coupled with a flash notification. When you’re live, try to interact, entertain, and acknowledge your followers; try to make them inclusive via participation.  You can also start channels with curated content on IGTV. Hosting a talk show, sharing a current event, practical product tutorials, and hosting an AMA (ask me anything thing) ways to make your live videos enjoyable. 

6.Use sponsored posts and product reviews to increase your brand’s appeal and penetration depth.

7.Always choose the right Hashtags.

You can generate additional engagements and likes using popular tags, although they might not lead to longer-term engagement. You can conduct quick research to ensure you apply the right hashtags to a particular picture or video. Online tools such as Webstagram and IconoSquare are perfect for such a purpose.

8.Target your niche competitors followers

9.Frequently Analyze your follower gain over time.

Gaining followers is as important as keeping them. You must pay attention to your follower growth and how well you are doing at engaging them. Apps such as Social blade and Instagram analytic Dashboards for Instagram business accounts are dope for analyzing your follower’s growth or that of your niche competitors. You can monitor who views your post, your post’s reach, and your followers’ location—analyzing followers’ data where you are found wanting.

By the way, there are also separate tools for analyzing an Insta profile. In this way, you can check Instagram follower accounts and learn more about new subscribers, Influencers, and competitors and thus determine the strengths and weaknesses of the accounts to improve your marketing strategy based on the findings. Furthermore, you can simply learn more about your account by analyzing your profile data in seconds: just open an online profile analyzer, insert a username and explore the analytics generated by the tool based on your query.

10.Incentives such as “Giveaway.” 

Giveaways are good ways to boost your visibility, with increased ‘tag a friend’ comments, which brings you more new converts/followers. The power of giveaway can’t be underestimated in growing Instagram profile, its a chain reaction which aligns with Instagram’s algorithm. A simple giveaway strategy focuses on simple games, product giveaways, and online competitions that encourage a friend to tag friends.

11.The use of geotags boosts the discovery of your posts locally.

 Geotags employs tagging locations and landmarks such as a City Centre, the Eiffel Tower who have their own stories, attractions, Instagram feeds and helps local audiences locate local businesses around them easily.

An anonymous saying goes thus, “the only way to win at content marketing is for the reader or viewer to say: this was specifically curated for me.”

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