Our Favourite Superheroes and Villains in New Slots

Movies and TV shows are one of the main sources of entertainment at the moment. The movie industry has managed to revive many comic book-superhero characters using advanced movie-making technologies, and people are thankful for it. Even those that weren’t fond of reading comics found themselves amazed by the superheroes and their heartbreaking stories. Besides that, everyone has wondered what the world would look like if they possessed such powers.

It is a long tradition of slot machines to include movie and show themes into their gameplay. We can enjoy playing superhero slots and indulge our favourite characters at the same time. Through slot features and thematic bonus levels, players can experience their heroic powers. Of course, heroes wouldn’t be heroes without the villains. Villains are often as liked as protagonists. They make a huge part of the story and have earned their place in slot machine themes as well. 

Thanks to the hard-working slot game developers, players can find and play an amazing number of slot machines. It doesn’t matter whether you are a superhero or a villain fan; slots have it all! Just search what you wish for online and access the game right away for free without a download and registration or sign up at an online casino to earn real cash while playing superhero slots. In this article, we present to you people’s favourite superheroes and villains included in new slot machines.

Superhero and Villain Characters in New Slots

There are two major comic book superhero serials: DC and Marvel. Most of the superheroes that you are familiar with today come from either DC or Marvel superhero universe. The stories of their heroes intertwine, and even recently, DC and Marvel heroes clashed together in the new Batman VS Superman movie. Best penny slot machines include many of their characters, both superheroes and supervillains.   

  1. Captain America vs Red Skull. We start with Captain America as he was the first Marvel character to appear on the big screens. The story of Steve Rogers, a student, and a rejected military soldier, takes a spin as he is injected with the mysterious serum. This turns him into a super-soldier, and from that moment, he was known as Captain America. His weapons are his shield and superhuman strength, so he could now stand against villains and evil organization captained by Red Skull. The Playtech software developer was the one that took advantage of Captain America’s popularity and launched Captain America: The First Avenger slot game. Even though there are sequels to the movie, such as the Winter Soldier, there are no slot machine sequels yet. The Playtech’s Captain America is a 5×3 slot game with 20 pay lines. Players enjoy two wilds, super energy free games, and the progressive Jackpot game! 
  2. Thor and Loki. Thor is yet another Marvel superhero and a known mythological character. According to Marvel, he is the son of Odin and Loki’s brother. His weapon is his hammer through which he channels his superhero powers. The movie’s storyline follows Loki and Thor’s sibling rivalry. Thor is cast out from Asgard by his father to live among ordinary humans. He then falls in love with Jane Foster and learns some new lessons along the way. In the meantime, Loki plots to destroy Thor while sending dark forces to wreak havoc on Earth. There are many slot machine themes dedicated to Thor’s character, while only Playtech includes its Marvel version of the story in the Thor: The Mighty Avenger game that comes with a 5×3 layout, 30 pay lines, Jackpot, bonus games, and free spins.
  1. Batman vs Joker and others. Different from the previous two characters, Batman is an ordinary but wealthy man that besides his fighting skills and money, owns no superpowers. His main superpower is his strengthened sense of justice. Bruce Wayne’s  Batman story begins with the tragic death of his parents. When he grew up, he became Gotham’s protector and fought anyone who meant harm to it, while the most notorious Batman’s enemy is known as the Joker. There are numerous movies about Batman and his opponents. Christopher Nolan’s version is by far the most popular one.
    Playtech has dedicated a series of slot machines to this famous character, following various Batman storylines. Playtech also released the Batman Begins slot machine as well as the – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2018, which is the newest one. The Dawn of Justice is a 5×3 reels slot game with 25 pay lines and various features such as expanding wilds, free spins, jackpot, and sticky wilds.  
  2. Superman vs Lex Luthor and others. Everyone knows about Superman, an alien child that holds superpowers. He was sent by his alien parents to the Earth, where he landed on American soil. A passenger acknowledged his mysterious spacecraft and adopted the alien boy later named Clark Kent. His superpowers didn’t go unnoticed by him and his parents, which taught him how to use them in a good way. Clark Kent later moves to a larger city to work as a journalist when he develops the alter ego of Superman and fights villains like Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and Bizzaro. The Playtech slot game developer follows his story through several Superman-themed slots. The newest one released in 2019 is simply called Superman (Playtech) slot. Players spin across a 6×4 reel design and over 4096 ways to win while owning a chance of claiming up to 100 free spins and winning the Jackpot prize!

More Hero Slots

Both DC and Marvel comics bring together their characters in Justice League and the Avengers storylines. Justice League is from the DC universe, while the Avengers are from Marvel. 

Justice League includes:

  • Wonderwoman
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Aquaman
  • Flash
  • Cyborg

Avengers include:

  • Spiderman
  • Doctor Strange
  • Captain America
  • Ironman
  • Hulk
  • Thor
  • Black Widow
  • Black Panther

Playtech and Nextgen software developers are once again responsible for the implementation of these fictional characters into slot machine themes. There are many more Justice League games, while there is only one Playtech’s, the Avengers slot machine launched back in 2016. Playtech is also responsible for the latest Justice League slot game release that comes with a 5×3 layout, 25 ways to win, and wild, free spins, and progressive Jackpot features. Playtech’s The Avengers game is a 5×3 reel slot with 20 pay lines that pack Jackpot, Wild, and free spins features. With the lucky Jackpot strike, players can earn up to 10,000 credits!


There is a simple explanation of why superhero slots are so popular and entertaining- because of the amazing superhero characters and their stories. Players as gladly meet them in slot machines as in movies. The difference is, while we relate to them on a personal level through movies, players can experience their real powers while spinning the reels. Not only superhero’s but villain’s as well. Thanks to the collaboration between software developers like Playtech and superhero comic book DC and Marvel serials, players can enjoy numerous characters. Their heroic deeds inspire us all and will continue inspiring us as long as our memories last.   

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