Why Cannes film festival is the height of glitz and glamour

The only word that captures the essence of Cannes is glamorous. The luxury resorts overlooking the quaint Mediterranean Sea is reason enough for the world’s social elite to be seen in the French Riviera. The city’s biggest draw is the International Film Festival, which attracts the crème de crème of the global film fraternity.

From luxury multi-million Dollar yachts and expensive champagne to exotic automobiles, the rich and affluent are often seen splurging at Cannes. Casinos are a vital part of the glitz and glamor, and the celebrities’ favorite evening haunt.

The Three Most Popular Casinos in Cannes

  1. 3.14 Casinos – The destination for classic slot lovers, 3.14 Casino offers 19 table games and 90 slot machines for the guests to enjoy. Inaccessibility is the charm of 3.14, as limited arrangements often lead to long queues outside. But you don’t have to worry about waiting in line if you’re a famous celebrity! The casino is a poker enthusiast’s haven, while Blackjack and Roulette are also on offer.
  2. Le Croisette – Casino Barriere de Cannes – One of the popular casinos in Cannes, Le Croisette, has a large gaming floor hosting live games and slots. It’s most popular for hosting Texas Holdem and other Poker tournaments. Le Café Croisette, located on the mezzanine floor above, offers some of the best views of Le Suquet, the old town of Cannes, and the port.
  3. Casino Barriere Cannes – Les Princes Another famous evening destination for the celebs, Les Princes has a limited floor space with 130 slot machines and live games. The casino hosts Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette apart from Poker. It’s the perfect place for amateurs to try their hands at gambling since the casino does not offer poker cash games.

Can You Replicate the Celebrity Lifestyle at Cannes?

You don’t need to be a Hollywood A-lister to enjoy the opulent Cannes lifestyle. But you will need very deep pockets to afford the glitz and glamor. How does living in a posh private bungalow sound? While suites and hotel rooms sell out months before the Film Festival, private villas can be arranged at the right price.

From a private pool and tennis court to private gardens, lakes, and theatres, the vacation-rental marketplace can accommodate any request. Renting a 9-bedroom villa can set you back a cool $107,000 for the week. Want to take things a notch higher?

Renting a private yacht for six days marks your official arrival at the big leagues. While a full-sized vessel will set you back $1.3 million, smaller multi-deck 215-feet vessels are equally elegant. Prices starting at $650,000 for weekly rentals.

Any high baller needs an extravagant ride to travel on land, and there’s no better vehicle for the job than a Rolls Royce. Renting a premium half-million Dollar land yacht during your Cannes visit isn’t cheap, and will leave your wallet lighter by $35,000.

There are other ways to spend a million dollars at the Cannes Film Festival, like gambling, reserving VIP rooms at nightclubs, or chartering a private jet from anywhere around the world. Looking for similar stories? Read on Team Gamblers.

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