Why The Mandalorian Is Worth The Disney+ Subscription

The Star Wars fandom has been split ever since the Last Jedi released into the theaters. According to many fans, the movie missed the mark by a long shot. Even though the two stand-alone movies of the series, Rogue One, and Solo, were pretty successful, that was nowhere near enough to satiate the fans who have been waited for years to see an action-packed movie unleashing the Force.

The Disney+ streaming service launched in April and fans were instantly skeptic. With all the streaming service subscriptions they have already paid a fortune for, this seemed like another hassle for money. A lot of fans even visited to read the reviews of Disney+ and to get offers and discounts.

Fortunately, Disney+ hit the bull’s eye with a 1-month free subscription. There are only 8 short episodes in season 1 of the series. 

And by the time it was over, the Mandalorian was enough to convince hordes of people to subscribe to the new streaming service. That is even without counting all the Disney content that came with it.

The protagonist of the series is Mando, starred by Pedro Pascal of Narcos and Game of Thrones fame. The charismatic actor never once removes his helmet throughout the series, yet he has acted his heart out, and you will feel the pain, hesitation, sadness, and anger behind the helmet as if you were watching his whole expression.

The story itself is set after the Return of the Jedi and the Fall of the Empire. The Force Awakens is still a long way ahead. After the extended universe ran out, the void created was filled with the Clone Wars, which nicely ties with the Mandalorian in a lot of surprising detailing. We won’t spoil the fun for you here, watch both of the series and find out.

With the Mandalorian, Disney has done something amazing. They have captured the essence of the original Star Wars, and the appearance of the Force will deliver a gut punch most surprisingly. J. J. Abrams had done this to some extent, but even without any Jedi Masters and Skywalkers, Job Favreau has managed to capture the essence of the saga. 

Mandalorian does not leave the past in the past, but treads on the remnants of the Fallen Empire, that will give you a special dose of nostalgia. There are plenty of Stormtroopers still lying around, and look like they have been through some dark times after the empire fell. The overarching story has completely linked the story of the overall series nicely.

With the lockdown, Disney plus has become a must-have streaming service. Anything you can see all around is owned by Disney, so naturally, the streaming service comes with hundreds of classic movies and series on its own. The Mandalorian is just the crown jewel that was missing from the Star Wars universe. Disney also has the complete Marvel franchise and own Pixar, which means it is a goldmine for Sci-fi and animation movies that can keep the whole family glued to the screen forever.


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