Top 6 Motivational Movies for Students

Cinemas affect our emotions and responses; this is what Dr. Jeffrey Zacks, a professor of psychology and a writer on neurological responses to the cinema, has concluded.  He claims that our brain has the same processing patterns for big-screen events as we respond to real life.   Therefore, instead of inculcating negativity and bad behavior in the young generation,  the movie makers should create inspirational MOVIES FOR STUDENTS. However, if you’re running out of time or you just have to many essays to write, you can use this time.

There are a number of great MOTIVATIONAL MOVIES FOR STUDENTS, and some of them you must see are as follows.

The Social Network (2010)

This movie is adapted from a book Accidental Billionaires and based on the formation of the largest social network of the world, Facebook.  It tells us the journey of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. His struggle to become a multimillionaire is encouraging for every student and give a message that hard work in the pursuit of your dream can turn it into a reality. The movie also teaches us to take some risk for the greater good. I would say that this movie teaches you such amazing life lessons that even I will pay to do my assignment and spare some time to watch this movie, as it is worth it.

3 Idiots- The Bollywood Movie

This is one of the must-watch for the student to know what is the real purpose of education. Is it merely a degree or memorizing difficult theories and definitions? How practical experiments and an ability to think critically about various concepts help you excel in any field. The guy who uses to experiment becomes the top scientist, whereas the top grade holders want to meet this guy who they never liked in the class.

Nightcrawler (2014)

This movie is a great inspiration for the students who are studying business and have some ideas in their minds. They do not want to be someone’s slave and want to do something by themselves. The story can also be a source of motivation for those who are unemployed or how one can take advantage of the opportunities life creates.  The movie is about a guy who is unable to find a job but decides to be a crime journalist after witnessing a crime.  Your dedication and efforts for continuous improvement make you a winner.

Taray Zameen Pur- Like Stars on Earth

Released in 2007, this is a great Indian movie to understand child imagination and their psychology. You may see the English version of it if Hindi or Urdu is not your native language.  Children get an inspiration that if they are being cursed for their low IQ level, or less competitive in studies, it does not mean they cannot. Also, if you have some inborn disabilities, you need not put a full stop on your life.

Good Will Hunting

This movie is another unbelievable masterpiece that revolves around an ordinary caretaker in a university named Will Hunting. The guy is gifted with extraordinary abilities to solve tricky mathematical problems. The support that he gains from a psychologist change his life and give him a direction. This movie is good from both the perspective, either be someone who supports and helps others in exploring their potential or does not underestimate your natural talent.

Super 30- A Bollywood Movie

A 2019 real-life story of Anand Kumar, a mathematician with a lesson for students that the difficulties you face can trigger positive thinking in you.  You make a commitment that you will create ease for others. The guy Anand adopts a new methodology to make his students excel. Even if you have not been able to get admission to the university of your own choice, remember the talent stay with you, and you can use it.

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