10 Lesser known Hollywood Facts About Marvel Movies

Marvel movies are a world famous American series of films based on characters with superhuman abilities.  Marvel comics is responsible for the cultural shift on a global scale with their assortment of colorful characters out fighting the good fight. Marvel movies have been around since 2007 and Thesisrush.com helps us with their outline some of the best Marvel Movies that have released and understand the history of this cultural phenomenon.

  1. Sam Raimi’s Spider-man was a box office hit. Folks attended viewings to a huge box office success. Yes, there was some criticism for the film regarding some of the performances and the lack of mechanical web shooters. In 2002 the original trailer actually featured the use of the mechanical web shooters by Peter Parker but ultimately the studios decided to do away with mechanical web shooters.
  2. In the comics there is occasional huge disagreements between Iron Man and Captain America but did you know that in an alternate reality that Tony Stark was actually born and woman and was known as Natasha Stark! Natasha ultimately marries Captain America preventing all events of Civil War.
  3. Interesting fact about the Ulysses Klaw played by actor Andy Serkis. The actor was chosen based on some photoshopped fan art showcasing Serkis in character. It was by this chance that the creative team chose him for the role based on the potential in that image.
  4. Jon Favreau directed the first two Iron Man movies for Marvel but did his path to Iron Man wasn’t a direct one. Favreau was originally interested in, and chosen, to direct Captain America, but this did not happen. This is when they thought it brilliant for him to direct Iron Man instead and the rest is history.
  5. Robert Downey was a cautious choice for Marvel. Downey infamously had rough times due to drugs and in 2001 he cleaned up his act which helped land him the job as Iron Man. This was one of his best moves as he’s gone on to make MILLIONS portraying the Iron Avenger.
  6. Quentin Tarantino wanted to direct a Marvel movie. The love Quentin Tarantino had for comic books led him to want to direct a Luke Cage film where Laurence Fishburne would play the title role. After the negotiations were done, he instead to chose to work on another little movie you may have heard of instead. It was some little flick called Pulp Fiction. We’re still not sure that this was the right decision.
  7. FOX planned a shared universe for the failed Fantastic Four films. It’s a pity it didn’t make it because it would have played well on-screen. There were plans to cross over with the X-Men and interact over several films. After both Fantastic Four attempts tanked Fox moved away from this idea.
  8. Terrence Howard walked away from the Iron Man franchise. Terrence once had an Iron Man contract for a minimum of three movies and he was promised increased pay if they went on to be succesful. After the release of the first Iron Man movie, which made lots of money, Howard received a fraction of what was agreed upon he walked away from the franchise complaining that all his pay went to Robert Downey.
  9. In 2004 Lions Gate nearly made a Black Widow film. The film would have been written by X-Men scribe and Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter. After Lionsgate dropped the project Hayter went on to say Black Widow would have been a contemporary and realistic espionage adventure that would have taken the Black Widow into Kazakhstan, to the Red Room and beyond.
  10. Daredevil is now a known Netflix/Marvel success but at one point Ben Affleck donned the tights and played the horned hero from Hells Kitchen. Fox allowed the rights to the character to revert back to Marvel as they failed to make the films successful with either Daredevil or Elektra.

There are more Marvel secrets and lesser known facts out there which have been recorded by places like our buddies over at thesis writing services. Marvel’s next big hit will be Avengers Endgame releasing in April and Spider-Man homecoming releasing this July. We’ll keep an eye out for more interesting facts to add this list as time progresses.

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