Deadpool is now LIVE in Google Search

Google Deadpool

Did you know that if you enter a question into Google search pertaining to celebrities that you might get a pre-recorded response from that celebrity? A nifty little feature added by Google to the worlds most popular search engine back in December. Now, they’ve decided to let the 4th wall breaking Merc with a Mouth in on the fun allowing fans an opportunity to get a response from Deadpool himself to your most critical questions!

Go ahead! Ask Google when Does Deadpool 2 come out and see if you get a response from the pleasant Google Assistant or a world famous assassin instead! This tickled me and I wanted to share with those of you interested in some of the cool tech Google implements or just to study the clever marketing by the folks behind the Deadpool movie.

It’s good for a laugh or two. I’d like to see more stuff like this from other upcoming films. I don’t see why more in-character personalities can’t answer fans’ burning questions? Like what if we could ask Wesley Snipes what’s holding up Blade 4, Age or Marvel? How about asking Sly Stallone about another Expendables? Or just play videos of Mark Zuckerburg trolling congress in that testimony. The memes from that never get old.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this one. Until next time…


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