This teen angst vs parents worst fears movie was released to mostly positive review –and led us to change our minds about actually needing more John Cena movies in the world. Seems he can step out the ring and make his mark on-screen too.

This debut movie by director Kay Cannon (the writer of the Pitch Perfect movies) shows her comedic chops to the full.

This movie follows three teens who have been friends for years on the prom night, where they have decided to lose their virginity together.

On the flip side the movie also follows the three parents of these teens, who met on their kid’s first day of school. The parents accidentally find out about the teens plans and concoct their own plans to try ensure the girls get nowhere near any penis. 

The Good

 While most teen angst movie end up being far too conservative, with teen being portrayed as nearly lacking sexuality, this movie supplies big laughs and large doses of realism as well. Even comedies tend to focus on how much virginity is worth and the fact that it definitely is a sacred rite of passage for all teen girls.

This movie make the entire process more realistic and funny, making what could be an awkward topic as funny as hell (still incredibly awkward though)

The script for this movie had a few obvious ways it could end, but Brian and Jim Kehoe do their best to not take those obvious routes.

It’s a very silly movie, but the silliness makes it super fun and enjoyable, as the extremes the parents are willing to take to not let their little girls grow up increases.

The Bad

I honestly couldn’t find too much bad with this movie – sometimes the jokes were “too far” but in all I enjoyed the fun too much to focus on the “sensitive” topic that might have caused issues if this movie had gone in a different direction.

The bad – there is none really, except maybe that it would be fun to watch but perhaps forgotten pretty soon after. Try a more fun form of entertainment online like finding horse racing tips NZ that win big, that will keep you coming back for more.

The Verdict

The Director Kay Cannon has gotten strong performances from each of the cast members, has landed the jokes in the scenes well and does not linger unnecessarily on scenes.

The silliness of this movie include one of the parents butt chugging a beer to crash a prom party – must be seen to be believed, the cast are obviously willing to make this movie its best by showing how far parents would go to remain relevant in their childs life.

This movie has portrayed a sensitive topic that many find awkward with zero judgement added. The topic of teen girl angst and mid-life crisis is covered well – without any obvious dick jokes to cover what could be awkward.

So this is a yes from me – an enjoyable movie worth the trip to the cinema to watch.



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