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Sky Scraper starring the worlds busiest man Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teases its trailer

If you follow DJ on any of his social medias you will easily be exhausted and in awe by his constant hustle and bustle. If hes not at the gym at 4 am or filming one of his seemingly endless projects until 2 am, he stops to chat with fans before clocking out for the day. The man is busier than a bee in spring or the best online casinos any day of the week!

As if Jumanji wasnt enough or the upcomming Rampage movie, the rocks cooking up another batch and this time its a Sky Scraper thriller.

Check out this short tease:



Now that might not tell you much but id say the title alone is enough, tall building and something bad is about to go down and who will need to save the day? The Rock of course!  Giant building that cost a ridiculous sum of money, perhaps they played the top online canadian casinos to make the down payment?

No safety measures taken, Check.

Bad stuff afoot, Check.


Love DJ but its starting to get a tad same old same old but who knows maybe this channels Die Hard to the degree that I end up loving it no matter what.



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