Top 3 Casino Skills In Movies

There are many casino movies out there and most of them involve some sort of insane skill, be it in gambling, in stealing or even hacking. The most interesting ones are those that involve the memorizing certain things. So let’s see the list of top 3 casino skills in movies.

1. The Croupier Skills

Croupier (1988) is a classic movie about Jack Manfred and his life as a croupier. There is a popular scene from the movie where he shows his skills as a croupier and they are truly awesome. First, he sorts the gambling chips with an amazing speed and then he deals at a blackjack table.


If you want to see how a well-trained croupier should deal, then watch this movie.

2.  Card Counting

Another very notable skill is card counting. You can see this very clearly in the movie called 21 (2008). Six MIT students were trained in order to become experts in card counting and of course, they are managing to “steal” millions of dollars because of that. It’s no joke, you can actually do this in real life also, but it is very hard.

The skill requires you to have either very good memory or to know how to use a mind palace in order to know the exact order of the cards and take the best decisions. It may not be the best movie, but it is interesting ,to say the least.

3. Cheating

While I don’t encourage cheating, it is a good skill to have sometimes. Especially if you want to catch other cheaters. The Sting offers a very nice story about two grifters that team up in order to pull off the ultimate con. There is a scene where a gambler has 4 of a kind but the value of the cards is only 3. The other gambler has 9s. After a lot of raising, they call and the one with the 3s shows 4 jacks. Truly amazing.


Even all of these skills can be earned, I prefer gambling by playing slots. I usually have modest wins, but one time I had a bigger win while playing Book of Ra. In any case, if you want to see all of these skills in action, don’t hesitate to watch the recommended movies.

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