The Top 4 Coolest Kids Movie Bedrooms

If there’s one thing we knew for sure when we were younger, it’s that your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s a place to escape, sure, but more importantly it’s a space of your own that you can shape to match your personality. You know this, I know this, and you better be sure that film directors know this – as a result, the way kid’s bedrooms are shown in films are crucial to giving you an insight into the characters the room belongs to.

Something you might notice over the years, that while pop culture references may change with the decades – the generic makeup of what makes up the bedroom for kids and teenagers remains fairly similar – it’s a window into identity that often we quite like the idea of replicating! Whether it be adorning your wall with posters, artwork, musical instruments, flags, or whatever else you like the look of.

We’re going to go through our list of some of our favourite bedrooms from films we watch as a kid. They were very much a part of our lives as they were the fictional characters who lived in them. And if you’re thinking of replicating any of them and need more space, consider loft conversion ideas in South west london

Boo’s Bedroom – Monsters Inc

Credit: Monsters Inc Movies.

The final scene in this room was sure to bring about a few tears. It’s not so much the design of this room that’s spectacular – although the artwork is pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves – it’s the fact the closet is a gateway to the world of monsters. Don’t let that scare you though, they’re far more scared of us than we are of them!


Andy’s Bedroom – Toy Story

Yet another Pixar classic, we don’t actually see much of the owner of this bedroom, but instead his collection of toys that live in it. If this film taught us anything, it’s about just how quickly a kid can completely change their bedroom (and style) when a new fad comes in –Woody’s cowboy theme is slowly stripped away to everything cosmos in honour of Space Cadet Buzz Lightyear. Fashion can be cruel when it comes to fads.

Credit: Keyword Suggests.



Ferris’ Bedroom – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

If you took the contents of every eighties teenager’s bedroom and distilled it into one almighty ‘super 80’s room’, then you’d probably end up with Ferris Bueller’s. Adorned with posters from synth groups, some tell-tale ‘retro’ designs as well as a trusty keyboard in the far corner – you’d probably find a lot of teenagers emulated this look after seeing this film. If they can master the convincing sleeping mannequin technique, even better!

Credit: Van Winkles.

Kevin’s Bedroom – Home Alone

Kevin McCallister’s attic room is one that we’ve all dreamed of – there’s something so serene about living in the highest possible room in your home. This one was a close call between this bedroom and his brother Buzz’s, which was filled head to toe with an impressive collection of sports memorabilia.

Credit: Between Naps on the Porch.

Cher’s Bedroom – Clueless  

This was an interesting one: in one of our favourite chick flicks, Clueless, main character Cher Horowitz had a digital wardrobe that not only span round – but could also assist her in deciding on what to wear! I feel that technology still has a long way to go before it catches up with this nineties classic. IKEA seriously need to step up their game.

There we have it, five of the best movie bedrooms we can remember from films we watched as kids. If you have a little one yourself, why not look into a bed with a slide? Steens are a popular choice when it comes to children’s beds and you can be sure they’ll have a ball sliding down to greet the day every morning!


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