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Justice League Trailer

Check out my reaction to the new Justice League trailer at the bottom of the article but if you haven’t seen it for yourself then just continue reading. Zack Snyder may have miraculously saved the DCEU. Against all hope, a single trailer seemed to overcome insurmountable odds and win back a vast portion of disenfranchised fans. Some didn’t think it was possible.  Some, including this blogger, all but gave up and began looking in other areas for comic cinematic satisfaction. Some… just lost their friggin minds when they saw this:

And, something new, my reaction to the trailer in video form:

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One thought on “Justice League Trailer reactions | The DCEU Is SAVED

  1. When the Suicide Squad trailer dropped, I proclaimed it on my blog as one of the best trailers ever made. I still believe that. Set to Bohemian Rhapsody, it was a great trailer. The actual movie, eh, not so much.

    So while I enjoyed this trailer, there’s no way I’ll believe that the DCEU is saved until I see an actual good Justice League movie. (The same goes for Wonder Woman. I’m *really* looking forward to it, but ready to be burned by the DCEU again).

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