New Pokemon Live Action Movie Sounds Ridiculous

According to Comicbook, Legendary Entertainment wants to make a live action Pokemon movie surrounding a talking detective Pikachu.

At first thought this movie sounds absolutely absurd, as Pikachu could not even talk ( articulately )  in the actual Pokemon series.

While little has been disclosed about the details of the new film, production is expected to start as early as 2017.

Sources suggest this insane idea came about through the release of a Nintendo 3DS game featuring this weird Pikachu in Japan. While I cannot see this movie idea as anything other than pure stupidity , apparently the game was well received by Pokemon fans in Japan.

While Pokemon Go has gotten fans ( including myself ) massively addicted to the pocket monsters again, this is not exactly the idea I had in mind when Nintendo said they wanted to use the games success to boost a movie idea for Pokemon.

So what do you think? Could this bizarre movie idea actually bare fruit for Pokemon fans , or will this movie be as stupid as it sounds ?


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