The Revenant brings DiCaprio back to the Old West

It’s no secret that I am a Huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan. He’s so awesome of an actor that the Academy Awards refuses to give him best actor for any of his films because then they’d have to give him one for all of his films. That said, I learned that he recently wrapped production on some movie in which he re-teams with his Inception co-star Tom Hardy and is led by award winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu in a western. DiCaprio is no stranger to westerns and I’m happy to see him return to the genre again. Fox sent over some promo photos and in my bid to kiss ass in hopes of attending a screening, I now share them with you.




There’s another image that I wasn’t able to free from Yahoo’s schackles so you can head over there to check out the last image.

I’ll keep kissing ass looking for more news about the Revenant and will be sure to share anything that comes along. That’s all for now.


Source: 20th Century Fox, Yahoo


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