Josh Lucas, John Magary, and Mickey Sumner Discuss Making Of ‘The Mend’

I had a chance to talk to talk to actors Josh Lucas, Mickey Sumner, and director John Magary regarding the release of their film The Mend. Below is the audio of the interview of in it’s entirety.


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Sometimes three person interviews are difficult to conduct, but everyone in this group was well spoken and had a good understanding of the questions I presented to them, and were able to elaborate on them also. I was curious to find out what people could or should take away from seeing this movie. “Every viewer has a different experience with it, it’s kinda what we were striving for,” John Magary said, describing the hope that people will take away from watching The Mend.


Josh gave me an interesting answer on the feeling of watching these characters on-screen.”You feel as if you are eavesdropping on some bizarre moments of these people’s lives” Lucas said. The film’s characters are the focal point of the film, there isn’t much going on besides the focus on the relationships between these people. As I mentioned in the review of the film that most of these characters are scummy. It’s not easy for someone with a legitimate resume like Josh Lucas has to take on a low-budget indie like this, while playing a character that is against his type.


New York is almost portrayed like a character in the film, the use of the city is important to the style and presentation of the film. I did make sure to bring that up in the interview and ask how important was it to have this film take place in New York. The story is muddled, the movie starts without establishing the past of the characters, we are exposed to them in the midst of their lives. Magary touched upon that by saying, “We wanted to create characters that have lives before and after the movie.”


I enjoyed talking and hearing their take on the film, even though I had very mixed feeling about the film. As you will hear in the audio, I had no idea what that noise was in the background during the interview. The noise sounded like a baby or small child was with them. It was odd to say the least, but expect the unexpected.


The Mend is out now in theaters in limited release.


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