Review: Wandering Rose

Genre: Horror | Thriller Directed by: Corrie Greenop Starring: Carina Birrell, David Wayman, Cameron Jack Written by: Corrie Greenop
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Directed by: Corrie Greenop
Starring: Carina Birrell, David Wayman, Cameron Jack
Written by: Corrie Greenop


Synopsis: A young couple looking to rekindle a damaged relationship retreat to the remote Scottish Highlands. They are haunted by their past, their surroundings and each other. (c) Imdb


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A happy young couple heads out for a camping trip to the Scottish Highlands, how bad could that be? Rose and Theo are going to be having a baby. They seem to be a happy couple who is entering their most exciting part of their life, that is until secrets start to unravel. They decide to go on holiday retreat to celebrate Rose’s pregnancy. Things start to turn bizarre when a man shows up in at the door of their camping trailer. From there more confusion ensues, as Rose begins to start losing her sanity. She appears to be hiding a major secret about her pregnancy that will change everything.


Wandering Rose is a 70 minute film that ultimately doesn’t feel a minute too short. Shot on location in Scotland, the visuals are postcard-like. The beautiful images might be the main highlight of the film. The cinematography is the strong point of the film. The nature is immense, and the depicted locations of the Scottish Highlands are mesmerizing. Makes you want to book your next vacation to Scotland. The trees in the forest, where a key scene of the film takes place, are imposing. The overhead shots are encompassing.





The acting in the film is sub par.  Carina Birrell is the lead actress that plays Rose. She’s constantly in the state of panic. Nothing gravitating about the character. Birrell does best with the material presented to her.  David Wayman plays Rose’s husband Theo. He milks the portrayal of a “perfect” guy. He’s overly caring, to the point of overbearing. He also seems oblivious to everything surrounding him. There is no depth to the character of Theo. Cameron Jack plays Officer Thwaites. There is nothing memorable about this character, maybe aside from the fact that he mumbles a lot.


Wandering Rose isn’t a horrible film by any means, there are actually some suspenseful moments earlier on in the film. Where the film falls flat, is right past the reveal. It completely falls off-track. The events that unravel bridge that of the insanity that torments Rose. The film’s intrigue loses it’s luster. Instead of  explaining the circumstances of Rose’s situation the filmmaker adds chaos to the final few scenes of the film. The story starts escaping it’s own merit that it builds early on. Wandering Rose had a lot more potential than it ultimately lived up to, at least the title of the film did the character justice.


Wandering Rose –  4.5 out of 10!

A solid start with a cliche ending

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