Trailer: (Fast and) Furious 7

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Elliot deserves to write this up but since he’s not here, I’ll do my best to fill in that massive hole he left in all of our hearts. The new trailer for Furious 7, (no fast), was released over the weekend on the films official Facebook page and went on to light up the Internets. I apologize for gluing my eyes to Brady vs Manning rather than sharing this sooner but I’m here now!


Short story long: This trailer looks pretty frigging good and the movie looks like it has potential to be the best film in the franchise! The opening stunt in this trailer is a bit long but reminds me of waaaaay back in the day when the first film was released and the reaction by all when the crew robbed trucks on stilts. It’s good seeing Michelle Rodriguez back in the forefront of the crew. It’s where she belongs.


There’s a lot of emotions raised when seeing Paul Walker on the screen. It’s a little sad that he’s not going to be doing the rounds on the talk shows to promote this one and that we won’t see him in future installments but if anything I like to think the opening scene and his prevelance in the trailer is an homage to our fallen star.


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