Last Supper Trailer Review: Eddie Griffin is back, haven’t seen him in a long time!

A few days ago I was presented with a trailer for a film that just finished post-production and is slated for theatrical release on Thanksgiving 2014. First thing that caught my attention…Eddie Griffin. Yes, the same Eddie Griffin that seems to been missing for the last 10 years. I assure you he’s back, and wasn’t hiding in Bin Laden’s cave, here is your proof in the trailer below.



Based on the trailer, I had a bunch of things shuffling through my mind. First of all, why in the hell is Eddie Griffin trying to be Indian? Granted that I haven’t seen the movie, but if that’s part of his alleged mental instability in the film, then that could make sense. On the other hand, if he is just attempting to play an Indian or some stereotypical African character, that seems to be an odd choice. For the sake of the review I’ll lean with the first assumption. The synopsis I was given by the director Param Gill was much more elaborate than the trailer provides. The story centers around Fumnanya (Griffin) and Andy (Josh Meyers) escape  a mental institution with a camera? How they manage to get out with a camera? Their goal being to make a film about their quest to find a princess to get a magical kiss from. Makes you wonder what they need a magical kiss for? Where at they going to find a princess? The trailer makes note of them settling on a prostitute as their princess. That choice gives them something to work with story wise. What’s the deal with the Mexican cowboy? Ahh, so many questions already.


Not sure what to think of the movie. It’s hard to get a grasp on it based on the trailer. The smart guess would be to think of it as a typical Eddie Griffin kinda movie. Slapstick comedy, over the top, goofy. It has the potential to be brutal, however the trailer gives me an impression that there is a sweet and innocent story that will pull on your heart strings a bit. This could be a step forward in bringing back the talented Griffin to the forefront or a few steps backward. We will find out on 11/27/14.

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