The Best Movies (Promotional Schwag) of 2013

You're Next Masks During a Pilates Workout

You’re Next Masks During a Pilates Workout


Editor’s Note: This is one in a series of articles on The Movie Blog looking back at some of movies most notable highlights, big trends, and best features of 2013.


Every year studios come up with promotional items to distribute to the press and public mostly during advanced screenings before the wide release. Otherwise known as “schwag” these items build excitement for upcoming releases. The following are the best items, our very own Kenny Miles at The Movie Blog received from the studio.


SuperHero 3D Glasses








Specialized 3D Glasses for Mainstream Blockbusters

Since many iconic superheroes are adapted into popular summer blockbusters, it makes sense that the studio who produce 3D glasses for the occassion. It is a nice surprise to receive some at the screening so I kept an extra in the package.



Indie Studio Swag 

Even Film Festival Movies Promote

Movies that play the festival circuit have to get noticed before they play in theaters. As you can see, these items tend to be more pratical. Pictured is a Much Ado About Nothing bookmark, A drink coaster for Drinking Buddies, and a breathmint to promote Don Jon (though by the looks of it and keep in theme with the sexually explicit movie, a condomn would have been more appropriate.)







Spring Breakers Forever

Spring Break…Forever…or for a Fun Party

I attend alot of promotional screenings and the best screening I attended all year was Spring Breakers. The local Allied reps who work alongside A24 did such a fantastic job creating a party atmosphere; cheap drinks, free pizza, and alot of schwag to give away. As you can see, they know what kind of movie they had on hand. Those items are things that die hard fans of this soon to be cult classic will want to own.








Way Way Back Summer Gear










Summer Beach Wear

From spring to summer, these items for The Way Way Back were alot of fun: Water Wizz staff t-shirts and beach balls. Fox Searchlight hosted numerous screenings in the Denver area. When filmmakers Nat Faxon and Jim Rash stopped by Denver for their press tour, audiences members received these iteams. More summer releases with summer themes should go this promotional route.


Nebraska Prize Winner


Prize Winner: The Best Schwag Item of 2013…

For the Denver Film Festival, corporate sponsor the Starz movie channel went all out for their Big Night presentation of Nebraska. At the after-party, they gave away black Prize Winner hats. For those who have seen Nebraska, this is a fun, terrific idea. This was the hottest item at the film festival and would translate well to fans of the movie as well as generate buzz among casual movie goers. Technically, Paramount Vantage didn’t create this promotional item, but they should consider making them before the wide release of Nebraska during awards season.


Here is a picture of me at a promotion for The Bling Ring this summer.  I look forward to what schwag items the studios will create in 2014.


The Bling Ring at Film on the Rocks




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