The trailer for the LIVE ACTION Gathchaman movie


As a kid I remember friends and I obsessing over this Cartoon Network show called G-Force.  For us it was like Power Rangers except the good were frequently known to outright shoot, stab, and unless otherwise stated kill the bad guys. A lot. The team of five young high school kids were enlisted to be a team of heroes/operatives and travel in an excitingly fast jet named Phoenix that could ignite and fly around while on fire. A trio of 12 year old boys were no match for the awesome we discovered. Looking back it’s a surprising that a show that violent aired during weekday afternoons because 1995 was a different environment and violence on television was shunned in light of increased violence among children since the introduction of Power Rangers.
I’m sharing for those of you who share nostalgic childhood memories of G-Force or any of the other iterations of Gatchaman.


Set in the near future, Gatchaman follows the story five special agents of the International Science Organization in Tokyo, as they try to protect the world from the mysterious terrorist group who call themselves Galactor. With technology far surpasses that of humans, Galactor has declared war on the entire world and has already subjugated half of it. Trained to draw out the power from the mysterious crystal-like object called a “stone,” our five heroes will be called “Gatchaman.”


The film stars Tôri Matsuzaka as Ken aka Gatchaman, Gô Ayano as Condor No Joe, Ayame Gôriki as Jun The Swan, Tatsuomi Hamada as Junpei The Swallow,Ryohei Suzuki as Ryu The Owl, Gorô Kishitani as Dr. Nambu and Eriko Hatsune as Naomi and is scheduled for theatrical release in Japan on August 24th

The costumes seem pretty interesting considering the fact that I didn’t really have high expectations and the visual tone appears to be glaringly founded in the source material. I’m grateful for the fact that subtitles aren’t really needed to get a sense of what’s happening in the trailer but watching this makes me wonder who the target audience is for this film. Am I too old?
Source: Super Hero Hype and The Gotham News

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