JJ Abrams says he’s having writer’s block for next ‘Star Wars’ film


So while the fans are anxiously awaiting a response from Abrams on where the next Star Wars film is in its production, JJ Abrams has very few words to say. In fact after getting back from my screening of his Star Trek sequel (which was awesome by the way), I sat down and watched some late night TV. While JJ Abrams was attempting to promote the upcoming Star Trek film, Jimmy Kimmel was relentlessly questioning him about Star Wars. While I was hoping to hear some fantastic news after just viewing such a fantastic film, his response was that they were in the beginning stages still and experiencing writer’s block.


While writer’s block could be perceived as a bad thing, he reassured Kimmel that the process is slow because they are making sure that they do it right. I think that JJ Abrams has done great things for Star Trek and if he puts the same effort into Star Wars as he did for those films, I think we will still have a good film regardless of the guaranteed fan uproar when the film releases. The only thing that worries me is with such a tight deadline, I would have hoped they would be further in the process. Only time will tell…

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