RUMOR: Robocop Robosuit Revealed

I’ve been reading/writing off and on about the rumblings from the Robocop set with casting news and production news and posters and all that jazz but recently found my enthusiasm for the film a bit diminished with rumors of an awful script and disagreements between the director and studio about some of the pertinent decisions for the film. I honestly don’t care much for the drama between a director and a studio and chalk it up as being the nature of the business. Shit happens. Whatever. Personally I just wanna see a great end result rather than bitch about every decision leading up to that point, (unless it’s a Spider-Man movie), but something recently caught my attention from the Robocop production that at least made me inclined to share with you guys if not openly opine upon:





Is that John Blake? Kidding. This makes me worried. I was really happy with the cast and everything and only got mildly concerned when for this film when it was first announced and I might be reading too much into this by just glancing at a costume but:




Yeah, they’re going for a Batman look. Yeah, they want this to be “gritty” and “real” and most movie studios have a hard-on for that “Nolan” approach but this isn’t a Christopher Nolan film. Elite Squad is a fading memory in light of this behemoth. Am I crazy or is that just a completely uninspired look for Alex Murphy?






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