First photos of Hit Girl on set of Kick-Ass 2!

The first photos from the set of Kick-Ass 2 are starting to trickle onto the internetz. Yes, it’s real! Today we’re being treated with shots of Chloe Moretz in full Hit Girl garb while riding her purple Ducati. I promise it’s not as filthy as it sounds:



These shots are confirmation that the film is a reality even if Matthew Vaughn couldnt find time to return to direct this one. I want to give credit where credit is due and it’s because of his groundwork in the first film that a 2nd is even a possibility so I’m a bit apprehensive with this one since it’s not in his hands and will clearly dictate if any other similar projects will have a shot at making it to the big screen. We’ll see…


Via: Geek Tyrant



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One thought on “First photos of Hit Girl on set of Kick-Ass 2!

  1. I doubt that’s Chloe riding the Ducati and is probably a stunt double. Maybe she’ll get to ride it for close ups with the bike attached to a rig on a camera truck or something.

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