Trailer: Robert Zemecki’s “Flight” starring Denzel


Robert Zemeckis is finally making his long anticipated return to live action filmmaking and the “Back to the Future” director has recruited Denzel Washington to star in his film ‘Flight’. We have a trailer and a synopsis to help bring us up to speed about the film below:




It’s been a long time since Zemeckis spring ‘Cast Away’ on audiences across the globe but I get the impression that the director hasn’t missed a beat. I like Denzel when he’s in an action film and delivers that ‘grit’ quality of a character like he did in the Book of Eli and ‘Safehouse but I like him better when he’s grounded and more relatable like he was in ‘John Q’ and more recently ‘Unstoppable’. This seems to deliver the latter and sets my anticipation and expectations somewhat high for the film. I mean they have a plane upside down!


The trailer itself does everything right and introduces us to the players and the premise and leaves me, appropriately, wanting to see more. Planes are a borderline taboo thing to play with in film but it appears that they’re handling this one with as much care and respect as possible. In addition to that the film also features Don Cheadle and reunited Denzel with his ‘Fallen’ co-star John Goodman. This film has a lot of positives going for it and looks to have plenty of potential. Can’t wait to see more! That’s all for now…


Source: Digital Spy

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