Ominous new trailer and poster for “Alex Cross”


Crusading Detective/Psychologist ALEX CROSS (Tyler Perry) meets his match against the psychotic, mob hit man, MICHAEL SULLIVAN aka THE BUTCHER. As Cross investigates the hit man’s gruesome murders, Sullivan decides to send him a deadly message by murdering his wife in cold blood. Now enraged, Cross vows to hunt down the killer if it’s the last thing he does. However, Sullivan is a serial killing mastermind and continues to evade Cross while pushing him to an ethical breaking point as a cop and father. As Cross closes in on the killer, he discovers evidence that points to the unimaginable—a revelation that could change everything. With unstoppable action, and unforeseeable twists, this suspenseful action thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.


A new poster has surfaced featuring both Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox for their upcoming film “Alex Cross”. This new visual doesn’t have Matthew Fox’s insanely enhanced physique but isn’t too bad. With the amount of posters that come across our inbox this one actually has a refreshing sense that isn’t experienced often enough around here. Matthew Fox looks intimidating while brandishing a gun and leads one to wonder who ‘owns’ the pictured city. I’m sure we’ll find, in theaters, that Alex Cross owns said city, we just have to watch how he defends everything and we’ll learn why not to cross Alex Cross. (couldn’t help myself).


Poster Via: First Showing

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