Peter Craig is the new writer for Top Gun 2

Peter Craig has made a bit of a name for himself after penning the acclaimed Ben Affleck directed “The Town”. This hasn’t been forgotten in the last few years and it appears that he’s now being tapped to pen the sequel for the 1988 film “Top Gun”.

Source: Forces of Geek

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Craig has been hired by Paramount to work on the film which is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Skydance Productions. The sequel will likely come out soon after the original is rereleased in 3D…
…Hiring Craig is a big move for the studio and could mean that they are really going to make this movie happen. Craig’s biggest work, The Town starred Ben Affleck and made around $154 million worldwide. His latest work was adapting Horse Soldiers, a nonfiction book about soldiers on horseback that fought the Taliban after 9/11.

Sounds like a great choice to usher in the return of ‘Maverick’ and return us to the skies. After seeing Red Tails earlier this year my anticipation for aerial combat has soared to new heights and with the hiring of Craig it appears that this could actually happen in the near future. Can’t wait to see how things progress from here and who they bring in to accompany Tom Cruise on this adventure. I’ll keep digging…

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