These new photo’s of Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” showcase Richard and Mary Parker

You know I’ve never seen Richard and Mary Parker outside of the comic books. I’ve seen most of the cartoon series, all of the movies, and cannot think of a single appearance of these characters outside of the comics. It’s a little jarring in hindsight that this may be the debut of these characters in film but that’s definitely about to change with the upcoming Marc Webb film “The Amazing Spider-Man” highlighted by these photo’s that were added to the official site over the weekend.

Via: /Film

I really like these images. Something about the palette of colors used are really making an impression with me. And there’s also something really striking about the contrast of expressions between Richard and Mary Parker versus Ben and May Parker. I can’t help but wonder what type of childhood Peter would have had if the people in that photo had raised him… but then again I’m a staunch Spider-Man fan of over 18 years so I tend to overthink this stuff.

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