Tim Burton confirms interest in Beetlejuice 2

I like Beetlejuice as much as the next guy, (a lot), and would have loved to see Keaton sink his teeth into the character like 20 yrs ago but isn’t a bit late for this? Not according to Tim Burton who states that he’s still interested in resurrecting the long dead “ghost with the most”.

Source: MTV

MTV: Is it true that you’re considering doing another “Beetlejuice” film?

Burton: Yes. I love that character, and Michael [Keaton] is so great in it. I always think about how great and fun that character was, so I just said to [“Vampire Hunter” writer] Seth [Grahame-Smith], “If you have some idea about it, go for it, and then I’ll look at it freshly.” In the past, I tried some things, but that was way back when. He seemed really excited about it.

MTV: Has he run any of his ideas by you yet?

Burton: No. I told him to try some stuff, but he hasn’t come back to me yet. Michael was so great in it. I’m sure he’d strangely tap right back into it.

Well, if Seth has some ideas I’m willing to hear them out. Sure, this sequel is waaaaay too late but a good script could change my stance on the idea and it’s been far too long since I’ve seen Michael Keaton involved in a popular film. I’ll keep you posted on developments…

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3 thoughts on “Tim Burton confirms interest in Beetlejuice 2

  1. This is exciting news if this is truly going down. I grew up with the Beetlejuice cartoon and then when I was a little older I watched the movie and I was amazed by how different the movie and cartoon was. Now there is a kind of confirmation of a sequel to the original movie? There are a few issues that need to be dealt with; not least of all whether Michael Keaton will reprise his role of the “Ghost with the most”. Another issue that has to be considered is who will play the character of Lydia Deats, to which I have a couple of suggestions:
    Christina Ricci: She does the dark, moody, goth girl so well and considering that she has worked with Burton before that she might be a good fit.
    Mila Kunis: I believe that she has the versitility as an actress to pull this role off because she as an actress has evolved from that shrill and spoiled Jackie Berkhart from “That ’70’s show” to something more. Though some may think her backround in comedy may be a handicap I believe it can be an asset to this role considering the potential comedy that would go down in a movie like this.
    My final bone to pick whith this is whetther or not a whole new generation can wrap their minds around a director/actor team-up that isn’t Burton/Depp. Granted that combo has always been clutch, but so has the Burton/Keaton team-up. My hesitation is that the younger generation may not take to a Burton/Keaton team-up when they were conditioned to expect a Burton/Depp team-up. This may seem like nothing but consider the newer generation’s reaction when they don’t see “Jack Sparrow” in a Burton movie it may seem outrageous (which would be ironic) and they may scoff at this Depp-less duo. Maybe I’m not giving enough credit to the younger veiwers but I have to look at it a little obleakly to bring forth any possibility of doubt or scrutiny.
    Nevertheless I hope that this movie does go through and I look foward to watching the “Ghost with the most” make an appearence in the new millenium and to a whole new generation. Like Colin Quinn said on SNL “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”.

    1. First of all, I’ll applaud your use of a Colin Quinn quote. Second, I think Mila Kunis proved herself quite versatile with the release of “Black Swan.”

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