RUMOR: Deadpool entering production THIS YEAR

You know after a while I honestly felt that this Deadpool movie would go through some transformations before entering production. I figured Reynolds woulda dropped out by now and moved on to his myriad of other projects. Well, a rumor making the rounds is that the film will indeed be made and Reynolds is sticking with the project!

Source: Comic Book Movie

The Geek Files report that Deadpool will indeed go into production at some point this year. While director Tim Miller has been attached to the project since last April, there’s been little news in regards to the official status of the spin-off – we were repeatedly assured that it was still happening, just not when exactly. Of course, it was only last week that artist Rob Liefeld revealed that he’d seen eight minutes of test footage for the R-Rated flick.

Really really surprised by this. I thought Wade Wilson had very little chance of climbing out of development hell, and I didn’t even bother to give Rob Liefeld enough credit to post his mentioning of seeing 8 minutes of test footage last week. I might have to take back some of my negative sentiments toward Liefeld if this turns out to be true. I can’t find any confirmation or anything official about this movie being scheduled to enter production so I’m slapping a big fat “Rumor” in the title and looking for grains of salt to chew. I just don’t trust that Liefeld guy for some reason. Why would they even show him footage, doesn’t he work for DC comics now?

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4 thoughts on “RUMOR: Deadpool entering production THIS YEAR

    1. Absolutely, but he doesn’t own the character nor does he work for the company that does. He just got announced as being involved with 3 comics for the competitor, DC. It’s very odd that he would be privy to such information.

      1. Not to mention, it was Joe Kelly and Fabian Nicieza who brought the character to life, all Rob Leifeld did was slap a different coat of pain on one of his Youngblood cast members.

      2. I know, Apostrophe. That’s why I said “technically”. I have just as little respect for Liefeld as any other Comic book fan, but he still is technically Deadpool’s creator..

        I’m just saying that he’s not exactly a random nobody. I’m sure that he’s got at least some insider knowledge and I can’t imagine that he’d get away with something like this up.

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