Check out John Cusacks’ wings in this poster for ‘The Raven’

I only have a passing interest in this John Cusack movie that’s coming about an investigation embarked by Poe as he tries to help solve the mystery of a serial killer who appears to base his pattern on Poe’s written works. Anyway, this new poster is available for all of us to critique.

Via: Geek Tyrant

I like the work of John Cusack about as much as the next guy on this site. He’s been in a helluva lot of movies and some of which I hold in pretty high regard but this movie hasn’t completely captured my interest. I like that it has John Cusack, I think it’s interesting that it’s based on Edgar Allen Poe’s novels, and I like that it’s a fairly gruesome mystery movie. It may be because my mind just wants to see this as TV’s ‘Castle’ meets ‘Sherlock Holmes’. I’ll embed the trailer below and give it another look, but what do you guys think? Does it seem interesting to you?

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