Jennifer Lawrence rocks black leather in new Hunger Games photo

Ok, another new photo was unveiled for this movie and I’m officially completely intrigued. Seriously. I did NOT know that this movie would feature the titular characters rocking tight black leather with those perpetual bewildered looks on their face.

Via: EW

This is starting to get interesting. They need to show some of this tight leather stuff in a trailer for the rest of us who don’t read enough books. Is that a chariot back there? I don’t want any of you intelligent people who read novels to spoil this scene for me. I’ll find out in the theater, thanks.

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence rocks black leather in new Hunger Games photo

  1. I was about to tell you the answer since I just read the book but since you don’t want that I’ll just say this is stuff fairly early on and pay close attention to whats in Lenny Kravitz’s hand *wink*

      1. haha :P i wanted to spoil the scene for you Anthony too but it’s cool, so I’ll let it fold in front of you when it’s in theaters.

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