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It’s been a while since I last saw Sean William Scott headlining a movie but he’s back in full force in the latest trailer for ‘Goon’. I like the actor enough and keep an eye out for his projects with the latest trailer recently appearing online.

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This seems somewhat funny, but obviously very slapstick. The film also stars Liev Schriber, which is a favorite of mine, but I have not yet reserved a place for this movie on my radar. The movie did stand out among other movies because it will be a film that will make it’s way to ‘Video On Demand’ before appearing in theaters. It’s an idea that studios have been playing with for a while with mixed feedback from audiences and more importantly theater owners. I’m not quite sure if theaters are looking to rely on this movie for revenue but I am curious as to how this movie will perform financially. I’ll keep an eye on the news, but am still undecided on the movie itself.

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2 thoughts on “Trailer: Goon

  1. Being a big hockey fan, it doesnt look like it will be in the pantheon of great hockey films like Slapshot, Youngblood or Miracle but Ill give it a look. Baruchel and those guys are Canadian so Im sure it will get some of the nuance right…should be fun.

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